Huzhou Huahong Industrial Furnace Co.,Ltd

About Us

Enjoying super convenient transport, the company is
located in hinterland of "long triangle", where is
adjacent of south of Tai lake, Shanghai in east and
Hangzhou in south, and is the important way of Su,
Wan Zhe three provinces. There are two freeways and
two first-grade ways in the surrounding of the company.
 And there are also Xuan-Hang railway, Xinchang railway
and golden channel which is known as east Rhine.
For many years, the company gained nicer honor in many
provinces by the excellent quality. Our company exploited
new resistance furnace which is environment protective,
intelligent and effective on the base of common
resistance furnace. We established cooperation with several
academics and high schools and we develop piplining groups
of furnaces together. Now, our company has 18 series of
products and more than 100 new saving furnaces such as infusing
multi-functions production lines, mesh belt resistance furnace
 production lines, aluminum and aluminum
alloy material treatment production lines and so on.